Day 1 - Guiyang University, Welcoming Committee.
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We are to paint outdoors at the University!

I found a good spot. They had canvases and acrylics for us, but I had brought my watercolour set-up.

Some university students look on.

Time's up - around and hour and a half.

Back inside. Mine was the only watercolour.

Lunch near the University. Fred on the near right is our interpreter from the Guiyang Foreign Affairs Office.

Next stop, Karst Park, Another welcoming committee.

Karst Park, some of my fellow artists from Burnaby painting on Location.

One of the Chinese artists who joined us.

Back to "work".

My plein air set-up. I seem to have a bridge theme happening that day.

Finished watercolour sketch.

Dinner at Karst Park.

Next stop, Zhucheng Square, Downtown Guiyang.

We get some media coverage at Zhucheng Square.

View of Mao Tse-Tung across the square.

Day 2 - Exhibition Opening Day. This is the venue for our show.

Red Carpet Treatment.

Meeting with Chinese dignitaries before the opening ceremony.

An audience for our opening.

Speeches at the opening.

They provided models for us to paint (on).

I painted some mountains.

It was quite a dressy affair.

The show is now officially open.

A banquet afterwards.

Deputy Mayor of Guiyang and Burnaby Councillor Chang.

Evening walk along Nanming River. A Ming Dynasty Pagoda.

Nanming River, Downtown Guiyang.

Spices. The food here is spicy.

Day 3 - Excursion to a Village near neighbouring city Anshun.

Ancient stone houses.

Perry painting a village scene as locals return from work and school.

I traded my watercolour sketch with a local Anshun artist.

I'm interviewed for local TV.

Evening, back in Guiyang - a spectacular stage show.

Day 4 - a trip to a Kaiyang County village.

Kaiyang County Farming.

Painting by the River.

I set up on the other side of the River.

Not quite finished, but time to head back.

Next stop - Guiyang High School #5.

Roxsane does a demo.

The rest of us were put to work as well.

Day 5 - Greeting the public at our Exhibition.

Chinese art enthusiasts having a look.

More people enjoying the art.

Mesmerized by Lalita Hamill's painting.

My stuff.

Our group at the art museum.

Day 6 - A free morning in Guiyang.

A local work crew.

Opposite view of Zhucheng Square.

Taking down the show.

I hope it's a good review!

A final banquet.

A parting gift for our hosts.

Day 7 - Waiting outside our hotel for our ride to the airport. Some are heading to Hong Kong or Beijing. Unfortunatley it's straight home for me.